Christopher Alessi was born and raised In the beautiful and diverse city of Miami Florida. He earned his bachelors degree in psychology with a minor in leadership communication at Florida international University. Christopher serves as the next generation pastor in the church that his parents,

Pastor Steve and Mary Alessi, founded and continue to lead, Metro Life Church. His desire is that all children, youth and young adults would recognize the true Ephesians 3:20 nature of God and inspire others to do the same. At his side in ministry and in life are his wife Richelle and his three young adult sisters, Stephanie, Lauren and Gabrielle.

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I love Chris’ ability to communicate to the next generation and this book will only help future communicators feel more secure in themselves and God’s calling for their lives. “Up Next” is a gift to anyone who reads it and Chris’ voice is a gift to this generation. I’m proud to say that we’re friends and honored that I get a front row seat to his life because Chris is both now and next!

The lessons in this book are old school truths for a new generation of ministers. It’s a 3-piece suit level manifesto written with love to an era of skinny jean leaders.

Justin McNeil

City of Life Church

If you have a desire to be used by God, then this book is a powerful roadmap for what it means to navigate the call of God and become a change agent. This is a right now message that will inspire and provoke this generation of leaders to step away from the mirror of self-depreciation and instead look out the window at the harvest that awaits. If you desire to lead at any level, this is a must for your personal library.

Chris Durso

Pastor Pat Shatzline

Remnant Ministries



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